Language Courses

"Bringing very young children into contact with foreign languages may result in faster language learning, improved mother tongue skills and better performance in other areas" European Commission


Courses forYoung learners

Bristol School provides courses for children from 4 years of age : annual courses (1 or 2 lessons per week during the school year) and intensive courses (July).

Our teachers are native speakers with a background and experience in teaching children languages. Classes have a limited number of students (average 8-10, up to 16) to facilitate the individualization of teaching.

Throughout the course, the various language skills are developed: listening, speaking, reading and writing, taught in an attractive way for children and using active methods, interactive whiteboards, and varied learning materials adapted to the students' age.

We value personal contact between the school, students and families. The Bristol School's pedagogical direction provides individual assistance to parents and provides extra school support to students throughout the year.

Students can access a loan library with various materials and resources suitable for children.